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The DDP (drinking driving program) in Broome and Tioga Counties.

To help accommodate your scheduling needs EV Trainings 2 offers classes in the daytime, evenings and weekend. 

We offer classes in our newly remolded Johnson City classroom at 435 Main Street and in Owego at 6 McMasters Street (in front of the Agway store).

 Our instructors are interactive, fun as well as funny and never judgmental!  They are certified instructors with PRI and approved providers by NYS DMV and NYS OASAS.  They maintain the highest level of confidentiality regarding ALL students and their information.

 There is NO reason to make an extra trip to register with us.  EV Trainings 2 requires minimal paperwork.  All paperwork is completed at the first session during class. 

Description of the Program:

Prime for life is NYS new DDP curriculum.  The program helps students to learn how to protect the items they value most.  Students examine their arrest experience, including the reason for their arrest.  Under the guidance of the staff, the students discuss the social, medical, legal and driving safety problems caused by alcohol and other drug abuse.

The program includes classroom education, group work, self assessment and a possible evaluation and treatment if necessary.

Classroom Phase:

The DDP consists of seven consecutive weekly classroom sessions. Sessions are about 2 -2.5 hours, for a total of l6 hours. When you satisfactorily complete the classroom sessions, your DDP involvement ends, unless the program refers you for evaluation and/ or treatment.


A student who has completed the DDP will receive a “Notice of Completion” ( DMV form MV-2026) from the DDP director. At that time, the student may apply for restoration of their full non-commercial driver’s license or privileges.
You may not be allowed to apply right away if:

  • Your conditional license is under revocation.
  • You were under 21 years of age when the alcohol or drug-related driving violation occurred.
  • You refused an alcohol or drug test on the date of the violation.
  • You committed the alcohol or drug-related violation while operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Program Fees:

When you enroll in the DDP you must pay the DMV $75.00.  DDP enrollment fee is $225.00 for a total of $300.00

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call Ellen at 607-748-8696 or email her at evtrainings@stny.rr.com

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